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Courses on academic writing and presentation techniques for PhD students

"Actually, to make the feedback complete, I believe that thanks to the Academic Writing course I was able to write a proper abstract and got accepted for giving a talk at a very prestigious conference."
Paula Szymczak, Industrial PhD Student, Food Microbiology

In cooperation with the University of Copenhagen, GlobalDenmark runs a number of  generic academic writing courses and workshops on presentation techniques. The courses are open to all PhD students regardless of their university affiliation.

writing courses

Four days of academic writing -a rewarding experience!

Learning objectives

The courses aim at enabling participants to write more clearly and productively in correct English with a view to publication in reputable scientific journals. 

Focal points

- correct sentence structure
- grammar and punctuation
- appropriate use of terminology and phrases
- insights into the structure of an academic paper
- relevant attention to academic writing
- conventions
- efficient writing processes
- effective use of peer feedback on your own writing

cj 01

Academic Writing, four full days

Format: This course comprises four consecutive days.

The number of participants is up to 20, and there will be two instructors, where relevant. All participants hand in sample texts from their own writing for oral and written feedback.

The course also offers a unique opportunity to strengthen your network with fellow PhD students.

Claus Adam Jarløv is responsible for this course. Feel free to contact him for further information. 

The four full days enable you to do a lot of on-site scientific writing in small groups under the guidance of your instructors. We alternate between intensive group writing and plenary instruction, demonstration and discussion. We use peer feedback as a tool during the entire course.

Click here for more on the generic courses on academic writing at the Faculty of Science.

Price: DKK5,000.00 excl. "moms"

ms 02

Presentation Techniques for researchers and PhD students

We offer intensive courses on how to communicate your science to a variety of audiences.

How do you deal with
your slides?
your interaction with the audience?
your preparation?

The courses are of two days' duration with a week in between each day. 

We focus on your work, and you will get the oportunity to give two talks. These, and the subsequent feedback, will be recorded for you to study at home.
The courses are demanding, yet always good fun!

Click here for the latest catalogue entry.

Price: DKK6,500.00 excl. "moms"

GlobalDenmark a/s

Hauchsvej 14

1825 Frederiksberg C

Tlf: 33 86 29 30

CVR: 16 21 54 81

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GlobalDenmark a/s

Hauchsvej 14

1825 Frederiksberg C

Tlf: 33 86 29 30

CVR: 16 21 54 81

Tilmeld dig vores nyhedsbrev

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