Communicating across borders

GlobalDenmark a/s - communication and translation

GlobalDenmark a/s is a training and consultancy firm that specialises in international competence. This implies training courses in languages that are relevant where professionals work.  

GlobalDenmark is quality-certified with the University of East London’s Quality Mark. This assures that GlobalDenmark’s courses comply with rigorous quality criteria on teaching methodology, teacher qualifications and course management.

Language as a means of communication

In Denmark, where English is no longer to be seen as a foreign language, this means that we provide Danes with communication skills that enable them to represent themselves, their profession, organisation, etc. in a persuasive and natural way. 

For non-Danish professionals working in Denmark, we offer training courses in Danish to make it easier for them to integrate into parts of Danish society. 

Communication, business facilitation and feedback

At GlobalDenmark, communication is not only a question of working with language in its narrow sense. We treat communication as the process of conveying an idea from one person to another, where the idea is received in the manner the speaker intended. Therefore, GlobalDenmark also offers services within business facilitation, feedback and conflict resolution.

Individualised training

All our training activities are individualised to cater for specific needs.

Translation services

In addition to training courses, GlobalDenmark offers extensive translation services that focus not only on changing words and sentences from one language to another, but also pay attention to cultural differences, personal tone, etc. Read more

30 years of experience

Established in 1985, GlobalDenmark holds considerable knowledge and experience in relation to Danish society vis-à-vis the rest of the world.

The company employs ten full-time consultants, in addition to  an extensive network of freelance experts.

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GlobalDenmark a/s

Bülowsvej 48A

1870 Frederiksberg C

Tlf: 33 86 29 30

CVR: 16 21 54 81


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GlobalDenmark a/s

Hauchsvej 14

1825 Frederiksberg C

Tlf: 33 86 29 30

CVR: 16 21 54 81


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